Affinity Magazine For Teens Publishes Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

17-year-old Zoya Wazir writes for Affinity Magazine, a publication written exclusively for teens by teens. According to the site:

Zoya is an Indian, Muslim, seventeen-year-old feminist, equal rights enthusiast, Bollywood fanatic, and self-proclaimed Slytherin (but closeted Hufflepuff). In her fleeting free time, she likes to make art, take personality quizzes, and look at college acceptance rates at 4 am.

She should add “..and write antisemitic propaganda.”

Money and Israel Control the Media: Who Cares?

In the United States, especially during the course of the election season we recently endured, we often hear of the menacing “mainstream media” and the bias this entity infiltrates our homes with. It is no secret that mainstream media bias exists, but what does this really mean, and whose interests does it really serve?

Every narrative we hear from mainstream media outlets is controlled by someone and is therefore censored in some way, shape, or form. In fact, in the United States, six corporations fund and therefore directly express control over 90 percent of the media. These corporations are Disney, Comcast, NewsCorp, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS – the companies that feed the American people mere versions of the truth every time they turn on the TV. These corporations fund news organizations that you and I probably watch, like CNN, NBC, Wall Street Journal and many more within the United States.

Additionally, these corporations make massive amounts of profit, totaling to a combined revenue of 275.9 billion dollars in 2010. While this does sound like a lot, let’s just put this money into perspective for a moment – with that amount of money, you could buy every single NFL football team 12 times.

In every institution, there is a hierarchy, and the media is no exception. At the bottom, we have the lowly reporter – reporting, investigating, and often being told to censor their stories because they do not comply with the beliefs of the second, more powerful level of this hierarchy, which is the news organization itself.

The news organization is responsible for ensuring that everything they publish is newsworthy, audience-generating, and most of all, profitable. This is because they have to answer to big six companies mentioned earlier who reap the benefits of their widespread audience reach. However, the most influential layer of this pyramid and the one that holds the most control over what Americans will see when they turn on the TV is the countries that these companies have ties to.

For example, Israel has political and economic ties to America of such necessity that they control the majority of the media. In fact, the big six corporations mentioned earlier all have Israeli ties and are headed by powerful Jewish families within the United States.

This is evidenced in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a conflict that most seem to know of, but know little to no accurate information about. For example, the New York Times, a major mainstream media outlet, reported on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict saying that Palestine had perpetrated an attack that broke a period of relative peace that had been in place for months. However, this period of relative peace seemed to apply more toward Israel, as between the last attack and the new one that the Times was reporting on, 1677 Palestinian men, women and children had been injured by Israeli forces, compared to 662 injuries on the Israeli side. While there is suffering occurring on both sides of the conflict, the Palestinian side is highly underreported because of the United States’ ties to Israel.

CAMERA has more on this, including the hoax origin of the claim Jews control the media (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, duh). Nevertheless, Zoya’s piece resonated with those who have a Jew-hating problem (that is to say, no problem hating Jews).

Where is a 17-year-old Indian, Muslim, feminist, equal rights enthusiast, Bollywood fanatic, and self-proclaimed Slytherin (but closeted Hufflepuff) learning such hatred? I’m guessing not from Bollywood or Harry Potter.

I am also willing to bet being a Muslim and feminist and equal rights enthusiast (clearly in the Animal Farm sense of the phrase), Zoya is a fan of Linda Sarsour. And while she has not written about her for Affinity, others have – all glowing articles, of course.

As opposed to what they published about actual good role model Gal Gadot.

Zionism” is defined as “a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.” That development of Israel involves the invasion and occupation of the country of Palestine and the killings of innocent Palestinians. A zionist is someone who supports the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, which includes the war crimes committed by the Israelian military.

Gal Gadot is a former soldier for the Israel Defense Forces, and, in 2014, she posted a picture on Facebook, declaring her support for the Israelian military. Although Gadot received backlash for her post, she was still cast as Wonder Woman, a character that symbolizes female empowerment and femininity in the superhero world.

Gadot has been open about serving and supporting the Israeli military, yet many self-proclaimed feminists choose to ignore that. They still see Gadot as an inspiring and empowering woman playing an equally empowering character. They have chosen to ignore the fact that Gadot supports the atrocious war crimes committed against innocent Palestinian civilians. In an ironic twist, however, her shaved armpits in the new Wonder Woman trailer is what angered these “feminists”.

And here I was thinking the problems begin more on college campuses. Clearly, so many young people are being educated in antisemitism and intolerance well before then.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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