Facebook Fine With Antisemitic Blood Libels


The Facebook page Jewish Ritual Murder is what you’d expect from a group with that name: posts and posts about antisemitic blood libels.

It has apparently been reported for years and..nada.

Well, perhaps that is not entirely true. You see, I cannot view the page – this is what I see when I click on the link.

And I suspect this is true for everyone in Israel.

But if you outside of Israel, you see the page. I know this, because reader Ariel confirmed it for me and sent me the above screenshots.

After sending me Facebook’s response to his reporting of the page.

Think about it for a second. Facebook decided this page full of antisemitic filth is not against its Community Standards – yet seems to have made it invisible to those of us in Israel – probably because it offends all of us pesky Jews living here.

Bear in mind also the types of pages and posts that Facebook has seen fit to ban.

How is this possibly ok? I am really at a loss for words.

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