Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian Sprung (Again) Spreading Jew Hatred

In case you missed it, another US University professor just got himself Chikindas-ed: the appropriately named Hatem Bazian was caught retweeting some antisemitic memes.

Here is that first image in its entirety:

In response, Bazian has published this “apology”

A retweet was brought to my attention today and I went over my account from the past and do sincerely apologize for re-sending it, the image is offensive and does not represent my views or the anti-racist work that I do including fighting anti-Semitism in partnership with progressive Jewish groups that express solidarity with Palestine’s rights to self-determination and have a strong track record on countering Islamophobia. At the time, I saw the image of the North Korean Kim Jong Un and tweeted it without giving it much thought as I was teaching a course in Spain and France. I did not realize or read the full text in detail until it started re-appearing on my twitter feed again from a number of pro-Israel groups that target Palestinians. As a matter of policy, I don’t respond, as I focus on my work and ignore the attacks. As a Palestinian, my issue is with Zionism, a settler colonial movement and Israel’s policies directed at Palestinians under occupation and those that live as second or maybe fourth class citizens in the state and not with Judaism or Jews, as diverse communities. The image in the tweet and the framing relative to Judaism and conversion was wrong and offensive and not something that reflects my position, be it in the past or the present. I take responsibility for my words and statements and stand by my own work relative to Palestine, BDS and opposition to Zionism and settler colonialism and those who take issue on the content of my scholarship and work are welcome to disagree and offer a defense of their point of view in the open market of ideas. In the future, I will make sure to include that retweets don’t represent an agreement or support for the ideas that are shared and only my own postings reflect my positions on issues.
Dr. Hatem Bazian
Berkeley, Nov. 21st, 2017

This “apology” is totally not believable.

For a start, Bazian claims the tweets do not represent his views. Yet this is not the first time he has been caught spreading Jew hatred. Earlier this year, I detailed some of his antisemitism.

Bazian spreads dangerous anti-Semitic messages on campuses.

  • While at SFSU in the 1990s, Bazian accused his student newspaper of being full of “Jewish spies.”
  • Bazian blocked the approval of a Jewish student to the Student Judicial Council at SFSU in the 1990s using the reasoning that the student supported the Jewish State and was therefore racist.
  • Bazian conducted a national speaking tour in 2011 titled “Never Again to Anyone,” which compared Israel’s actions to the Holocaust

He claims to have tweeted the antisemitic Kim Jong Un image because he was too busy teaching to give it much thought. Yet you needn’t give it too much thought! The image is self-explanatory, with the large yarmulke on Kim Jong Un’s head appearing front and center. As for the other image, he proffers no excuse, just another denial that it reflects his views on Jews.

Bazian also has the chutzpah to refer to those shining a light on his tweets as “groups that target Palestinians.” Besides being simply not true, it is a disgusting attempt to besmirch those who object to Jew hatred.

There is little doubt Bazian’s postings and past conduct expose him as a vile Jew hater and terror supporter who does not deserve to be a professor at Berkeley, or any US university for that matter.

Update: Just a few days ago, Linda Sarsour, that “great defender of Jews” who is about to speak at a panel on antisemitism, expressed her pride in Bazian.

And she has referred to him before as “a revered leader in the Muslim community.”

Speaks volumes.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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