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Antisemitic Terror Supporter Hatem Bazian Shares ‘Top Zionist Influencers’ List

I am putting this post out in to the public sphere, in case he or others think they should try anything

Is Ilhan Omar Attending Upcoming Antisemitic/Terror-Supporting National SJP Conference?

National Students for Justice for Palestine (SJP) is holding a conference at the beginning of November at the University of Minnesota

AMP’s Palestine Convention Has Way Too Many Terror Connections to Ignore

It turns out there are a lot of convention organizers and speakers connected to US-designated terror organizations

Another Hate Conference Being Held This Week, Featuring Linda Sarsour

The Palestine Convention 2018 - the "largest gathering for Palestine in the US" - is to be held tomorrow until Saturday in Chicago

Richard Silverstein Thinks The Blood Libel is a Hoot

Richard Silverstein represents the worst of Jews - those who spread hate and evil in the world. 

Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian Sprung (Again) Spreading Jew Hatred

He does not deserve to be a professor at Berkeley, or any US university for that matter

Hatem By Name, Hate’Em By Nature

More on Hatem Bazian's Jew hatred and calls for terror


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