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omar barghouti

BDS Founder Omar Barghouti’s Latest Whoppers

A few weeks ago, antisemite and terror supporter Hatem Bazian interviewed Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS Movement
linda sarsour

Linda Sarsour’s Revealing Comments During “Islamophobia” Seminar

Sarsour's comments during her six or so minutes of gum-flapping during the seminar Islamophobia: A Global Challenge are very revealing
linda sarsour hatem bazian

Linda Sarsour Teams Up (Again) With Antisemitic Terror Supporter Hatem Bazian

Linda Sarsour takes some time to help out her friend Hatem Bazian, antisemite and terror supporter extraordinaire

Antisemitic Terror Supporter Hatem Bazian Shares ‘Top Zionist Influencers’ List

I am putting this post out in to the public sphere, in case he or others think they should try anything

Is Ilhan Omar Attending Upcoming Antisemitic/Terror-Supporting National SJP Conference?

National Students for Justice for Palestine (SJP) is holding a conference at the beginning of November at the University of Minnesota

AMP’s Palestine Convention Has Way Too Many Terror Connections to Ignore

It turns out there are a lot of convention organizers and speakers connected to US-designated terror organizations

Another Hate Conference Being Held This Week, Featuring Linda Sarsour

The Palestine Convention 2018 - the "largest gathering for Palestine in the US" - is to be held tomorrow until Saturday in Chicago
Richard Silverstein

Richard Silverstein Thinks The Blood Libel is a Hoot

Richard Silverstein represents the worst of Jews - those who spread hate and evil in the world. 

Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian Sprung (Again) Spreading Jew Hatred

He does not deserve to be a professor at Berkeley, or any US university for that matter

Hatem By Name, Hate’Em By Nature

More on Hatem Bazian's Jew hatred and calls for terror
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