LISTEN: Morrissey’s ‘Israel’


Morrissey’s much-awaited song Israel, in which he accuses the haters of raining abuse on us because they are jealous, was recently released.

Listen for yourselves.

You realize, if you’re happy
Jesus sends you straight to hell?

And should you dare enjoy your body
Here tolls Hades’ welcome bell

You’ve found a middle-course existence
We’re all bones and flesh and shell

I can’t answer for what armies do
They are not you
They are not you
They are not you

In other climes, they bitch and whine
Just because you’re not like them

The sky is dark for many others
They want it dark for you as well

Earth is just one big asylum
And explodes a prison cell
See us squirm
In our own damaged spell

You were born as guilty sinners
Before you stood upright you fell
Put the fear of many gods
In Israel

Nature gave you every impulse
Who are virgin priests to tell
Who/how to love
How to live

And they who reign abuse upon you
They are jealous of you as well
Love yourself as you should

Update: Naturally, the Guardian reviewer does not like this song.

At the other extreme, however, lurks the ridiculous closer Israel, with its overwrought vocal, klezmer fiddle and lyrics that offer Morrissey’s analysis of the labyrinthine complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Don’t worry, everyone, he’s got it all worked out: anyone who criticises Israel’s actions – say, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories – is “jealous”. Still, congratulations: in the face of pretty stiff competition from both sides of the commentariat, this may well be the single most asinine public statement yet made on the subject.

Yup, I said ‘naturally.’

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