BBC’s Freudian Slip For The Ages


Glorious does not begin to describe the BBC’s latest gaffe.

Jeremy Corbyn appeared to congratulate Prince Harry and Hezbollah in perhaps the greatest BBC subtitles fail of all time.

The Labour leader was sending his warmest regards to the Prince and new fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Glasgow.

He went on to say how much he admired “Prince Harry and his brother” for their work on mental health.

But the BBC News subtitles must have misheard him – and thought he said “Prince Harry and Hezbollah”.

Corbyn has long faced criticism for a speech he gave before he was Labour leader, in which he referred to his “friends in Hezbollah”, who were visiting the UK to discuss a peace settlement in the Middle East.

I love how not only is Hizbullah mentioned, but in reference to “mental health issues.” Seems strangely appropriate on both fronts.

At least some accurate BBC reporting!

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