Hey Malaysia, You and Which Army?


With Muslim rage over Jerusalem being, eh, all the rage, the Malaysian Defense Minister seems intent on winning a Darwin Award..for his soldiers.

Malaysia is ready to send troops to Jerusalem, the defense minister said, calling President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the city as Israel’s capital “a slap in the face for the entire Muslim world.”

“We are ready for any orders from the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces … should our services be needed,” Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in a speech on Saturday, according to The Malay Mail Online.

Muslim-majority Malaysia has long supported Palestinian’s quest for statehood.

“We were shocked earlier this week with the worrisome news that would affect global geopolitical stability,” Hussein was quoted as saying.

This is the Malaysian army.

While they wouldn’t look out of place in a Star Wars installment, I doubt they would be able to make it down the stairs in the Old City.

In other news, the Malaysian Defense Minister is as full of beans as his name is full of double letters.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today reiterated that Malaysian military personnel and equipment in the Middle East will not be involved in the Saudi-Yemen conflict.

The defence minister said these were strictly for humanitarian purposes, and repeated Malaysia’s stance on non-interference in foreign conflicts.

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