Pallywood Encouraging Violence is The Enemy of Freedom

Arab media, especially social media, and the Pallywood industry have been working overtime since Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem. Anti-Israel sources are having a field day with the latest escapades of Shirley Temper and death of Ibrahim Abu Tharayeh.

Constantly posting photos of violence and anti-Israel situations, they show an endless stream of scenes of suppression and armed brutality.

However, the truth is if you do not seem a threat, no security bothers you.

I was in Jerusalem on Friday, as midday Muslim prayer time approached, another called for “Day of Rage” or was it a “Day of Blood?”

Near the Old City, I took photos of what was happening, what was really happening.

Jerusalem Mamilla Mall Old City Friday prayers

At the entrance to Mamilla Mall, one man stood guard by the large Hanukkah menorah watching carefully who passed by.

Jerusalem Old City Prayer time on Friday Mamilla Mall

Meanwhile in the Mamilla Mall, men and women passed through to go to Al-Aqsa to pray.

Old City near Jaffa Gate, Muslim men go to pray

From another direction, no evidence of “occupation” or “military barracks”

There is a boring truth, the Arab media wants to hide, as it incites.

Man walking with prayer rug over his shoulder near Jaffa Gate on a Friday prayer time

A young Muslim man armed with nothing more than a prayer rug over his shoulder, does not get a second glance, even from a passing policeman in patrol car.

No one stopped the men and women I saw going toward Jerusalem’s Old City.

Male, female, younger, or older, Muslims going to pray and not riot are encouraged, not detained.

Violence is indeed the enemy of freedom.


Real Jstreets

I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last ten years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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