Double Apartheid and Genocide Fail of the Day


As reported by the Israeli police:

לתחנת לב הבירה בירושלים הגיעה אתמול ילדה בת 7 מעזה, שהגיעה לטיפול רפואי בישראל וננטשה על ידי אביה בעת שעשו דרכם חזרה…

Posted by ‎Israel Police – משטרת ישראל‎ on Monday, January 15, 2018

A 7-year-old girl from Gaza, who arrived for medical treatment in Israel and was abandoned by her father on their way home, arrived yesterday at the Lev Ha’ir station in Jerusalem. The policewomen gave the frightened girl warmth and love, fed her and played with her for hours.

At the same time the father was located in the center of the country and was arrested. The girl’s mother, who remained in the Gaza Strip, was located with the assistance of the Civil Administration. The policewomen escorted the girl to the Erez crossing and the encounter with the mother. The girl separated from the policewomen with a warm embrace and asked to come visit them in the future

Note how the small girl was receiving treatment in Israel (apartheid and genocide fail!), and was cared for beyond this medical treatment after her father callously abandoned her (apartheid and genocide fail!)

This is not noteworthy because it is a rare occurrence, but because these things are hardly ever reported by the mainstream media.

The truth here is actually quite boring – we look after those who need help, but always taking into account security concerns.

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