Dear Hypocritical World #NeverForget #InternationalHolocaustDay

Dear Hypocritical World

As was in the Third Reich, in your lands today our synagogues and schools are in danger day and night.

In your lands today, there are demonstrations against our ancestral homeland, inflaming hatred against us.

Your shops boycott our goods and your businesses divest from ours.

Your universities host violent protest against the visit of our speakers.

You compare casualties in an on-going political, complex conflict in our ancestral homeland, to the scheming, mass industrialized murder of six million of our people.

With open arms your leaders receive a man who spews speeches in Arabic oozing with anti semitism, lies and hate – a man (who just like Hitler) has declared that any future state of his will be “Judenfrei,” – Jew Free.

Your politicians push for a deal with a tyrannical regime who have has sworn to annihilate us with a nuclear weapon.

Ignoring the genocide perpetrated against the Yezidis and Middle East Christians, with psychopathic obsession your international committees pass biased and relentless resolutions against those who live in our ancestral homeland.

Your international councils distort our history by expropriating our ancient holy sites to those who would want us dead.

Your mayors seek out loopholes that allow designated terror groups who have sworn our destruction to march through your streets.

Your European governments remain both indifferent and defensive of policies that see to it that your foreign aid ends up as rewards in the hands of those have murdered us, those who have sworn to murder every Jew from the River to the Sea.

Your media either ignores the targeted murder of our people living in our ancestral homeland, or evokes sympathy to the murderers – excusing it as “frustrations.”

On #InternationalHolocaustDay your speeches drew a historically inaccurate moral equivalence between people who tragically suffered and died in the war, to our people; people who were targets of a Final Solution and intentionally stuffed into ghettos, dispossessed, rounded up, put in cattle cars, shipped to secret forests and gassed for being Jews.

And in those speeches, some of you could not even bring yourselves to say the word “Jews.”

Hypocritical World, hang your head in shame.


The Jews.


Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli Jewish tour guide, jazz musician, cartoonist, public speaker and author of The Rage Less Traveled, her memoir of surviving a brutal machete attack. In her role for Palestinian Media Watch, she works to stop the Western governments’ funding of Palestinian terrorists.