Hollywood Mensch Liev Schreiber Returns to Israel


Actor Liev Schreiber is in Israel, reportedly to deliver a masterclass on acting at Tel Aviv University today. He posted the following on Instagram last week.

This is not just another example of some actor visiting Israel. Liev has been here before, and he did not just do the usual tourist things. When he visited in 2009, he really stood up and emphatically showed his support for Israel.

Like planting a tree for the JNF

And showing solidarity with Sderot by giving an exclusive tour of JNF’s secure indoor recreation center there

He also got in touch with his Jewish roots

Liev has played his fair share of tough guys on television and in the movies, but the real Liev seems to be a huge mensch.

Liev, enjoy your stay and I hope the weather, humus and fizzy bobola are to your liking!

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