People Behind Real-Life “Monk’s Cafe” From Seinfeld Out Themselves as Israel Haters


Globarg Bashi, the hater behind P is for Palestine – the children’s book glorifying violence and terrorism against Jews in Israel – has proudly posted the following

I wasn’t sure if she meant her Greek neighbors who happened to be in Tom’s restaurant at the time of the photo, or her Greek neighbors who actually own the restaurant. It did not take too long to discover it is option 2.

I find it disgusting that the restaurant made famous by Jerry Seinfeld, a proud Jewish man who also happens to love Israel and detest terrorism (as promoted by this book) – would publicly hitch their wagon to the side that hates Israel and engages in terrorism. All while they continue to play up the fact they were Monk’s diner from Seinfeld.

In the meantime, if you live in New York, please boycott Tom’s restaurant.

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