Zionist Heckling Robot of Deathᵀᴹ Takes on Turkish Minister


A job well done!

A Turkish government minister has found himself in the unusual position of being heckled by a robot.

Turkey’s Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan vied for attention with the cheeky robot, called ‘Sanbot’.

The white toddler-sized robot, which was made in China, was the presenter for an event in Ankara to mark Safer Internet Day and was programmed to welcome guests on stage.

Arslan at first tried to laugh off the interjection but finally told Sanbot’s handlers to deal with the misfiring robot so he could carry on.

‘Dear friends, it seems clear that the robot needs to be put under control, please can whoever is in charge do what is necessary!’ he said.

The robot was later muted and the minister pressed on with his speech.

Turkish media reported that Sanbot was correctly formatted after Arslan finished his speech.

Well done Agent 34764 – you were one hell of a Zionist Heckling Robot of Death.TM But it was an ingenious plan, really, interrupting Turkey’s Transport and Communications Minister – during Safer Internet Day. Diabolical!

Not since Agent 1258 (Zionist Horse of DoomTM) has one of our agents in Turkey been so effective.

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