The Daily Freier Helps Reem Assil Choose a Mural for Her New Restaurant

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Occupied Yafa, Tel Aviv
The Zionist Entity, Israel


Yo Reem!

On behalf of the Daily Freier and Israellycool, congrats on your new restaurant! Not to get too East Bay, but Hella Proud, know what I’m sayin’? Anyhoo, you know what every restaurant needs?

A gigantic pepper shaker? No.

Extra pumpkin spice? No & No.

A big mural of an “Activist” like Rasmea Odeh? Yass Queen!

And if we’re going to ‘normalize struggle’ (Your words!), why stop with Rasmea? Let’s bring in more members of the Resistance! And in the interest of caring, we decided to help you come up with a great idea for a mural! So this morning we dug into an enormous bowl of (Trigger Warning!) Israeli hummus and brainstormed some ideas. And let us tell you, the guy we decided upon was every bit as #WOKE as Rasmea! And he had a LOT in common with her also! A few hints:

  • Not a big fan of the Jooz. Just like Rasmea!
  • You said that Rasmea “was an organizer”? Well this guy started his own organization!
  • Like Rasmea, he was in favor of direct action, and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
  • Just like the PLO, this man also had a bit of a thing for airplanes.
  • Like Rasmea, this guy also looked great in a scarf!
  • They both ran afoul of the United States justice system.

….. Need more hints? OK!……

  • Unlike some men, this guy was NOT afraid of commitment.
  • And he proved it by marrying 4 women!
  • Also, he came from a wealthy family but chose to live modestly. Namaste!
  • He was an avid traveler, spending time in Sudan, Afganistan, and Pakistan.
  • Best of all, he can’t sue you for royalties!

Give up? Here he is!

I’m thinking glass mosaic. Waddya think! Holla back!


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