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Terror-Supporting Reems Bakery Served a Small Dose of Karma

Reems bakery has apparently averted a disaster, with their deck oven exploding

Terror-Supporting Bakery Reems Caught ‘Culturally Appropriating’

Terror cafe Reems - which last time we heard was closing down and morphing into something else - is currently providing "shakshuka kits."

Terror-Supporting Bakery Reems Announces it is Closing Down

Reems, the restaurant with a mural of convicted terrorist and murderer of two young men, Rasmea Odeh, hanging on the wall, seems to be closing down, judging by this post published on their Facebook page.

Food & Wine Doubles Down On Decision to Award Prize to Terror-Supporting Reems Bakery

"Reem’s is a place meant to build bridges, not burn them." Yes, they really wrote that

Terror Supporter Reem Assil Does Not Make Finals of Prestigious Culinary Award

Terror supporter Reem Assil has not made the finals of the James Beard Award for Best Chef

The Daily Freier Helps Reem Assil Choose a Mural for Her New Restaurant

And in the interest of caring, we decided to help you come up with a great idea for a mural! So this morning we dug into an enormous bowl of (Trigger Warning!) Israeli hummus and brainstormed some ideas.

Terror Supporter Reem Assil Opening Up a New Restaurant

Terror supporter Reem Assil is the subject of yet another piece - this time in the San Francisco Chronicle - with news that she is opening a new restaurant

Terror Supporter Reem Assil a Semi-Finalist for James Beard Award for Best Chef

Among the new additions to the Best Chef West list is Reem Assil, owner of Reems bakery and idolizer of terrorist Rasmea Odea

Revealing Photos From Latest Reems Bakery Protest

Photos from a protest outside Reems, where BDS-hole Sunaina Maira, a professor who published a new book about boycotting Israeli academic institutions was speaking, tell us a lot

Palestinian Terror-Loving Reems Bakery Wishes Jews A Happy New Year

With some help from their "Jew in name only" friends

WATCH: Reems Bakery Protests

Good to see the protests outside Reems bakery in Oakland, California are still happening

Diablo Magazine Includes Terror Supporter Reem Assil in its ’40 Under 40′

Reem Assil gets more good publicity
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