WATCH: What Does The Women’s March Say About Louis Farrakhan’s Jew Hatred?


Dave’s done huge work tracking the complete inability of the founders of the Women’s March, like Linda Sarsour, Carmen Peres and Tamika Mallory, to condemn or significantly distance themselves from Louis Farrakhan.

It’s not like his Jew hatred it a surprise: he’s been saying these things for decades, but it’s nice to have a recent re-affirmation of just how many of the his problems he blames on the evil Jews!

The Women’s March eventually issued a long winded and completely “intersectional” statement that totally fails to condemn Farrakhan or distance the Women’s March from his rampant Jew hatred. The best it manages is to say that Farrakhan’s Jew hatred, hatred of transexuals and all the rest is “not aligned with the Women’s March Unity Principles”.

Which isn’t a condemnation. At all.

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