Eddie Vedder Still Comfortably Numb on Israel


We already knew Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was a rabid Israel hater no better than his hero Roger Waters, who he continues to praise in an embarrassingly obsequious way.

And according to this blogger, Vedder has had a number of interesting things to say, things that reveal the twisted mindset of Israel haters like him.

The entire band runs offstage except Ed. He talks to the audience in Spanish. EV is telling the audience about the nuclear attack false alarm that Hawaii experienced and that for a while Hawaiians thought they were going die. Boom and his wife were in Hawaii at the time.

Ed thanks the audience and mentions The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Roger Waters. He says Roger is a genius.

As I have mentioned before, the fear and panic experienced by people in Hawaii is what residents of southern Israeli communities like Sderot experience on a regular basis – except the alerts are soon followed by real rockets causing real damage.

The fact that on one hand Vedder sides with those firing the rockets and slams Israel for responding in order to prevent more of the same, yet on the other empathizes so greatly with those experiencing similar fear (but less danger) in Hawaii, is telling. It reaffirms a double standard that we already know exists, and certainly raises a legitimate question regarding the real motivation behind it.

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