Ken Livingstone Continues to Stick His Foot in His Antisemitic Mouth

Ever wondered why the Mossad never stole Ken Livingstone’s shoe?

Probably so he can taste both his shoes while he sticks them in his mouth.

A couple of weeks ago, Labour extended Livingstone’s suspension from the party, while it conducts another investigation into the allegations of anti-semitism made against him.

Livingstone wishes to make two things clear. The first is that he “never said Hitler was a Zionist.” That formulation has been put on his words by the media, assisted by “John Mann shouting at me that I was a Nazi apologist in front of fifty journalists.”

And the second is that the outrage about his comments from within certain sections of the Labour Party, is politically motivated.

But he did use the phrase “Hitler was supporting Zionism”, which I suggest is an incredibly incendiary way of phrasing an already contentious historical incident, in which Nazi Germany deported Jews to Palestine in the 1930s, confiscating their land and assets as they did so.

“No, it’s not incendiary. Boats were leaving Hamburg to get them to Palestine. That is supporting Zionism.”

So let’s get this straight. Livingstone is adamant he never used the words “Hitler was a Zionist”, but admits saying “Hitler was supporting Zionism.” Ken, you are an idiot.

And an antisemite. Livingstone bases this on the Haavara Agreement, which some Jews saw as a way of saving some of their brethren, even though it meant doing a deal with the devil. For the record, some Nazis saw it as a way to solve the “Jewish problem”, by concentrating the Jewish population in a single foreign entity. And Hitler’s own support for it is not even clear. What is clear is that to say Hitler supported Zionism – the national movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel – is an outright lie. And anyone repeatedly making the claim can safely be assumed to be a vile Jew hater.

Of course, he will deny it. This is just a way to silence his opposition to Israel, after all.

“What they are upset about is that I have spent all my career criticising the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. And here we are, seventy years on, almost to the day since the creation of the state of Israel and you’ve still got millions of Palestinian refugees living in squalor in Gaza and other refugee camps.”

If Ken was truly intellectually honest, he would realize that Israel is not the reason for the existence of these refugee camps. The Arab world and their enablers are. After all, had they absorbed the palestinian Arabs like Israel absorbed Jews from around the world, the refugee problem would cease to exist – as would this “tool” they have to try and destroy Israel demographically in the future.

Also, Ken cannot be antisemitic, because some of his best friends random people he met who said he was right are Jewish!

He again repeats claims that Jewish people have stopped him in the streets to tell him what he said was right. Pushed for a guess on the number of Jewish people who have done this, he says, “thirty or forty.”

“I was stopped by hundreds of people,” he says. “Jews have the highest standard of educational achievement of any group in the country. They are more likely to know about their history than anybody else. And what I said was right.

Wait a second! He just said 30 or 40 people stopped him to say he was right, and then said it was “hundreds of people.” Changing your story, much?

Either way, assuming it is true, I would be willing to bet they would look like this

And this highly educated Jew who knows way more than most about Jewish history, is saying you are maliciously wrong.

I am also willing to bet that if all Jews in the UK – who he now admits “have the highest standard of educational achievement of any group in the country” – were asked about it, the majority would agree with me.

Of course, Ken’s moral compass is beyond repair.

But the idea that the Russians are bad and the Americans and us are good – I’m sorry. All my life we’ve been crushing progressive governments.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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