Confirmed: Almost All Those Killed At “March of Return” Were Terror Org Members


Last week, I posted how half of the then-16 people killed in the palestinian’s violent “March of Return” were terrorists.

The death toll has since risen to 19, and so has the confirmed percentage of those who were members of terrorist organizations, thanks to Israeli blogger Abu Ali, who looked over open palestinian sources.

And thanks to Honest Reporting, we now have the findings of Abu Ali’s work in English.

In short: of the 19 dead, 16 were members of terrorist organizations (84%), with the remaining 3 having no proven terrorist affiliation at this point in time.

As Honest Reporting points out:

Thus, the dry facts show that although the share of military activists in the population is only 3.5%, in practice, 80% of those killed are military activists. That is 23 times the rate of their percentage in the population.

This really is a good indication as to how the IDF was not shooting indiscriminately, and really was targeting those engaged in terror and violence (just like I pointed out in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, using a similar methodology).

Read Honest Reporting’s entire report here. Here is their handy summary of those killed.

Note: While this has not been confirmed by the IDF, it is based on information from palestinian media sources. In other words, it is evidence from the other side that puts them into question as “civilians”

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