Latest Blood Libel: Israel Used White Phosphorus or Chemical Weapons on Rioters


In the wake of Friday’s violent “March of Return” riots, some palestinians and their supporters have claimed Israel was using white phosphorus or other chemical weapons on the rioters.

They have done so using a number of “proofs.”

“Proof” 1: This image

I am guessing those using this image are trying to suggest the light streak in the black smoke is white phosphorus – since it is as clear as day that the dark smoke is from the burning tires.

But footage from the scene shows it is clearly tear gas.

Also, some palestinians who claimed to be at the riots posted the same image with no mention of white phosphorus having been used.

“Proof” 2: This photo of a “palestinian child” 

This is yet another example of co-opting an image of a child from another conflict and trying to pass it off as being from Gaza.

A reverse image search reveals the very same photo was posted on Tehran Press back in 2015, and is from Yemen.

“Proof” 3: This footage of palestinians supposed affected

I can’t tell if this is just really bad acting, or actually the results of inhaling tear gas. Either way, it is certainly not proof that we used chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, Assad actually has been using chemical weapons in Syria, the most recent example being a few days ago. Yet some palestinians and their supporters would rather the world focused on Israel for invented chemical weapons attacks.

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