WATCH: Protesters at “Don’t Bomb Syria” Protest Show Mind-blowing Ignorance About Syria


This next video by the Israel Advocacy Movement is described by them as “quite possibly the funniest and most worrying video” they’ve ever filmed.” And you’ll see why.

Stumbling across a Stop the War Coalition “Don’t Bomb Syria” protest in Bristol, they decided to film asking protesters what is going on in Syria.

If ignorance is bliss, then what you are witnessing is cloud nine.

Protesters against intervention in Syria are totally clueless

This is quite possibly the funniest and most worrying video we've ever filmed. By chance we stumbled across a Stop the War Coalition "Don't Bomb Syria" protest in Bristol whichwas against British intervention in Syria. We guessed that most of the protesters wouldn't have a clue what was actually happening in Syria… so we decided to ask them what was going on.We're not for or against bombing Syria… its an incredibly complex situation. We just wanted to show that most people on these protests haven't got a clue what they're protesting – they're just useful idiots waving placards for causes they don't understand.The most concerning part was interviewing Martin Fodor who was their headline speaker and the Green Party elected councillor for Bristol… he could barely name the leader of the Syrian regime and he even refused to say that British intervention against the Nazis in WW2 was necessary… absolute insanity!Make sure you watch the video to the end to see a Monty Pythonesque dialogue between two protesters

Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

As you could see from some of the protesters interviewed, many in the Stop the War Coalition are also anti-Israel. A few years ago they quietly deleted articles from their website advocating war against Israel. But let’s face it: abject ignorance and hatred of Israel go hand-in-hand.

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