US Police Allowing Officers To Fire at Moving Vehicles To Stop Ramming Attacks


Police in Washington, New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas have revised their shooting policies to allow officers to fire at moving vehicles to stop vehicle ramming attacks.

Two decades ago, amid a growing controversy over police shootings in the nation’s capital, officers in the District were largely barred from firing at moving cars.

The rules didn’t apply if someone in the car was firing at police, but officials concluded that in most cases, the practice was dangerous and ineffective. Bystanders could be hit, and shooting at a car usually didn’t stop it anyway. Other departments nationwide adopted similar policies.

Now, however, several major cities are loosening those rules to deal with a new threat: terrorists in trucks mowing down and killing pedestrians. Police in Washington, New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas have begun allowing officers to fire at moving vehicles to stop such ramming attacks. While concern about the tactic remains, authorities say that, in extreme instances, trying to shoot the driver might be the only way to save lives.

“We have to balance the threat to the community with the idea we don’t want to use fatal force unless we absolutely have to,” said D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham. “It’s really important to make sure officers completely understand this is a special circumstance, a last resort, but one that may be necessary.”

And why is this relevant? Because if this happens again in Israel (G-d forbid), I want it to be on the record for those who will condemn us for shooting the terrorist to prevent mass casualties.

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