Was Tarek Loubani’s Entire Story a Sham?

Following my previous post about Tarek Loubani, the palestinian-Canadian MD who claims he was wounded during the latest “march of return” riots, and whose “medic” turned out to be a Hamas terrorist, more things do not seem to make sense about his story.

The CBC report included this photo of a supposedly wounded Loubani:

Which begs the question: Is that how a drip should be positioned? Normally, they are suspended.

I am not a medical professional, but I put it out on Twitter, receiving the following responses:



Yes, the shoes and socks. If he was out there in the field when he was wounded, I would expect dusty or dirty shoes/socks.

In other words, this seems staged.

Update: Loubani has a history of lying and was a member of the ISM.

Update: From reader Jack:

My doctor daughter took one look at the pictures of his bandaged leg and asked where is the swelling and bruising – and why are his socks and shoes on – one of the first things to come off to monitor pulse in lower extremities. And of course, the saline bag won’t work that way.

And reader Simon:

He describes a wound bleeding like hell but his legs are clean, as are the dressings. If he was in the field with those clothes (hospital scrubs!) why aren’t they filthy? And if he got changed afterwards, why did he cut the pants legs, if not for the sake of the photo op?

Excellent observations.

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