Smarter Israeli Banking: Book Review

Book Title: Smarter Israeli Banking

Author: Rifka Lebowitz

Year Published: 2017

After over 17 years in Israel, many things are still a mystery to me. Like how Israelis will drive you off the road, yet be the first to offer you blood after the accident; how are we the startup nation, yet the post office is barely more efficient than the carrier pigeon;  and this.

But perhaps one of the biggest mysteries to me is how the Israeli banking system works.

As someone with a legal and financial background, I prided myself on really understanding this in Australia. But a good understanding of this in Israel has eluded me. Until now.

Thanks to Rifka Lebowitz – my friend and financial consultant, speaker, and author – understanding the notoriously complex Israeli banking system has never been easier (and is now possible!)

An overview how Israeli banks run and what consumers need to know in order to save money and bank smarter, the book helps us navigate the entire banking process from beginning to end, whether it be choosing a bank, opening an account, saving money on fees or closing an account.

A major achievement of this book is that it manages to explain these often complex concepts in a really understandable and even interesting manner, without sounding condescending. There are tables and illustrations, as well as frequent tips and comparisons with how things work in other countries. I particularly appreciated the end chapter on banking stories you wouldn’t believe, which provided some light relief.

To put it bluntly, I don’t just recommend this book. I state it is a must-have for any immigrant to Israel, period.

You can purchase it here.

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