Google Maps’ WTF Israel Scene

Israellycool contributor Deebo entered in to Google Maps Menachem Begin (מנחם בגין) Street, Sderot (you know, the southern town in Israel that is a favorite target of palestinian rocket launching crews). After a bit of navigating, he came across this:

Which begs that eternal question: WTF?!

What is with the Arabic on the street part of the map?

What is going on here? What are the man and person on the left speaking about?

And the elephant in the room – that guy lying on the ground! (Deebo’s theory is he was listening to Radiohead)

Israel: where everything’s complicated!

Update: My new theory: the guy on the ground has his ear to the ground after strange noises were reported – a suspected Hamas terror tunnel!

Update: Some other theories:

Translation: “Deciding what to do with the body”

Update: He seems unconscious…or worse.

And here you see a photo taken from the other side of the street (i.e. the Google car has turned around) and the man has not moved.

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