WATCH: Bibi Netanyahu On Al Quds Day Protest In London: It’s Wrong, Just Wrong


Every year the Iranian terrorist supporting regime sponsors the Al Quds day march in London. This blog has years of photos from it. The British government has invented a “political wing” of Hezbollah in order to allow Hezbollah flags to be flown: there is no physical difference between the flag of the terrorist Hezbollah and the mythical “political wing” because, well, it’s mythical.

Jonathan Hoffman asked his great question of Netanyahu about the phony loophole that lets Hezbollah flags fly in London at Policy Exchange today and this was Bibi’s excellent answer:

“It’s like saying the SS is bad but the Nazi political wing is OK”

If you’re in the UK you can still sign this petition to scrap the phony “political wing” and have all of Hezbollah proscribed as a terrorist organisation.

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