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Former Hezbollah Chief: Hassan Nasrallah & Ali Khamenei Should Stand Trial For Beirut Blast

Former Hezbollah chief, Subhi Al-Tufayli, has blamed the destruction of Lebanon on the current leadership of Hezbollah, as well as Iran

WATCH: Bibi Netanyahu On Al Quds Day Protest In London: It’s Wrong, Just Wrong

Separating the terrorists of Hezbollah from the “political wing” - “It’s like saying the SS is bad but the Nazi political wing is OK” 
Khameini is in trouble! Quick, let's fly him $1.7 Billion stacked on pallets! The Daily Freier

Khameini is in Trouble! Quick, Let’s Fly Him $1.7 Billion Stacked on Pallets!

Former Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry: I actually was for these protests, before I was against them.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hezbollah’s Military Strategy Revealed!

Exclusive video footage of how Hezbollah plans to work around UNIFIL's renewed mandate.

It’s Just The “Political Wing”

So Quds Day protesters are allowed to fly the flag of Hezbollah's "political wing?"
Karate Kid '16 starrring Barack Obama Daily Freier

The Karate Kid, Part IV: The Appeasement

A new treatment

Arch Hizbullah Terrorist Mustafa Badreddine Now Marinating The Soil

One less evil person in the world today

Quora: Are Israel And Saudi Arabia Best Buds?

Not all Quora questions about Israel are from trolls.

Another New York Times Jewish Problem

At what point is a Jewish population large enough to have undue influence?

The BBC’s Magical Exploding Barracks

30 years later, BBC doesn't want to say the H word.
Nasrallah wipes

When Pigs Fly (And Lie)

Chief Hizbully Hassan Nasrallah says he's ready to go fight in Syria if need be

BBC Reinvents History

The BBC, running out of bashing content on Israel, reverts to dubious, false reports.

Paintball With Human Shields For Recreation

The owners of the paint ball place in Beirut were "reluctant" to point out that these tactics are not usual in paintball games.
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