Ammunition Manufacturer to Israel Haters: Stop Using Our Photos & Making Stuff Up!


A month ago, I debunked a blood libel being disseminated by Israel haters.

They were claiming IDF soldiers were using explosive bullets, but (not surprisingly) it turns out this was a lie, and they had ripped photos taken from an ammunition store website.

Now the manufacturer of the bullets – Black Butterfly Ammunition – has shared my post, in a clear display of annoyance towards the Israel haters who are disseminating this falsehood.

They are clearly as annoyed as we are that the Israel haters are willing to lie and sully the reputations of the innocent to advance their evil agenda.

Update: Black Butterfly Ammunition has posted this follow-up:

We have not sold any ammunition to the IDF (although we would being that they are our allies) nor do we have knowledge they are using it.

G-d bless them.

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