The Death of a Palestinian Boy You Likely Won’t Read About in Mainstream Media


Today, 13-year-old palestinian Louay Ahmad Hassan was killed. But you aren’t, and probably won’t, hear about it in the mainstream media.

That’s because Israel is not to blame. Daddy is.

The doting dad

A Palestinian father and son were killed, and three others injured, in an unexplained explosion, west of besieged Gaza City on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed the deaths of Palestinian Ahmad Mansour Hassan, 35, and his 13-year-old son, Louay Ahmad Hassan, after being injured in an explosion on Sunday.

Colonel Ayman al-Batniji of the Gaza police, said that the explosion occurred in a house west of Gaza City killing Hassan and his son.

The cause of the explosion remains unclear and is under investigation.

Local sources told Ma’an that Hassan was the commander of a rocket unit of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, which is a militant group affiliated with the West Bank-based Fatah political party.

“Unexplained explosion” is a euphemism for “work accident.” Which is itself a euphemism for “blew themselves up trying to blow others up.”

And sure enough, palestinian reports in Arabic suggest it was such a work accident. Which makes the death of his son pretty yawnworthy to the mainstream media.

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