Some Important Details You May Have Missed in the ‘Shirley Temper Released’ Reports

The palestinians and Israel haters are ecstatic that “Shirley Temper” Ahed Tamimi has been released from jail after an 8-month sentence for assault, incitement and obstructing soldiers.

And there are some important details that may have gotten lost in the various reports.

Jail Was So Bad..She Got To Study For Her High School Exams

Despite trying to convince everyone that us Israelis are evil and bad and everything that is wrong with the world, she did get to complete her high school exams.

In an afternoon news conference, Ahed said that she completed her high school exams in prison, with the help of other prisoners. Palestinian inmates typically organize study courses to complete high school and even university degrees.

It is a well-known fact that Israel has organized higher education for its prisoners. For instance, the vicious terrorist Samir Kuntar studied political science at the Open University while in incarcerated. And while it has been reported that this program was canceled in 2011, Israel has allowed the prisoners to organize their own courses since.

So while Tamimi goes to lengths to not acknowledge Israel’s benevolence in allowing her to continue her studies while behind bars, it is there for all to see.

They Are Still Lying About Her Age

As I broke a few years ago, something has been fishy with Shirley Temper’s age. News reports have constantly seemed to understate her age by a few years. For instance, ABC News reports:

Ahed was 16 when she was arrested and turned 17 while in custody.

And in a stark example of this, the Palestinian Information Center published this post suggesting she is a minor.

Yet posted this only hours later:

We do know her birthday is around early February. So according to the above post, she is now close to 18 and a half.

The Media Is Still Allowing Her Lies to Go Unanswered

The media have really dropped the ball with her case, allowing her constant lies to go unanswered, and won’t report the full truth behind what she has done and stands for.

For example:

In Ahed’s version of the incident, shared in court during a hearing in December, Tamimi said the soldiers featured in the video had shot her cousin in the head with a rubber bullet an hour prior to the filmed encounter.

“Then I saw the same soldiers who hit my cousin, this time in front of my house. I could not keep quiet and I responded as I did,” Tamimi testified.

Yet as I proved with actual evidence, she assaulted the soldiers, not as some spontaneous act in reaction to their supposed acts against her cousin, but because mommy told her to do it.

Plus how many of the news reports have mentioned that she has called for stabbings and suicide bombings, as well as her family’s history of terrorism?


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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