Haters Blame Israel for Gaza Cancer Med Shortage Caused By Palestinians Themselves


The Israel haters (and even some of the media) have been decrying the latest so-called Zionist crime: denying Gazan cancer sufferers potentially life-saving medications.

It turns out, the palestinians themselves were to blame, not Israel.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that medications were transported into the besieged Gaza Strip, on Monday, for the treatment of cancer.

The Palestinian Minister of Health Jawad Awad, said in a statement that upon instructions from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, medications were transported on Monday to the warehouses of the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The ministry confirmed that the medications dispatched are enough for the next three months.
The ministry has been periodically sending shipments of various medications to its warehouses in Gaza, inlcuding last month’s shipment of medications for cancer patients, which in addition to the shipment sent on Monday amounts to about 6 million shekels ($1,612,644).

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stressed that it was never behind schedule on sending cancer medications to Gaza, suggesting that health officials in Gaza should have informed the ministry in advance and in official correspondence, concerning the shortage of medications, in order to provide it in time, not to endanger the life of cancer patients.

I can also confirm from personal experience being at the chemo lounge with my wife at Sha’arei Tzedek in Jerusalem that many palestinians receive cancer treatment in Israel.

By the way, I am pretty sure Gaza’s al-Rantisi hospital is named after arch terrorist
Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi. Just saying.

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