Taking On Token Jews With Gifs

One of the most common tactics Jew-haters use, is to point to radical Jews who hate other Jews and Israel, as “proof” they don’t actually hate Jews.

As the allegations of Jew-hatred against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn continue to pile up (and up, and up…), it has become even more important for Corbyn supporters to find Jews who are willing to act as shields. It doesn’t matter that 90% of British Jews are Zionists,  haters will try to point to a Jew – any Jew – who is willing to go against the majority so they can say, “Look! Here’s a good Jew who agrees with me, I can’t be antisemitic!”

Obviously taking a small, unrepresentative sample of a group of people and passing them off as legitimate representatives of the whole would not be acceptable in any other situation. After being bombarded with this nonsense on Twitter, we decided to finally respond in the best way we know how: with humor.


Judean Peoples Front

The Judean People’s Front is on the front-lines against the hated Romans and BDS, fighting lies and misinformation with facts and humor (allegedly). I’m not a Roman mum. I’m a Jew, a Yid. I’m Kosher mum. I’m a Red Sea Pedestrian and proud of it!

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