Roger Waters Finally Criticizes Syria’s Assad, But The Criticism Rings Hollow

Rock’n’roll BDS-hole has been rightly criticized for hypocrisy in honing in on Israel’s (imagined) indiscretions, while completely ignoring Syrian dorktator Bashir Assad’s murderous crimes in Syria and constantly attacking Syria’s White Helmets.

And it seems the criticism has messed with his mind (either that, or the copious amounts of drugs I suspect he ingested over the years. Or both) because he has posted this on Facebook

Happy Birthday from Roger

All the Tables

75 years ago I was born in leafy Surrey.
My Mum used to tell me you were ok,
As long as the doodlebugs rumbled
Overhead on their way to the smoke
If the engine cut out get under the table
Today I sit waiting for a false flag attack in Idlib
That will unleash the doodlebugs of war again
By the way did Assad invade Poland while I was down the pub?
Assad apologist? Not me.
Assad is just another dispicable murdering asshole
Like Macron and May and McCain.
Did I leave someone out?
Assad apologist? Not me.
I save my apologies for
All the babies under
All the tables.
I’m very sorry we done it.

This is the first time I have ever seen him criticize Assad – who is supported by the Russians – let alone call him a “dispicable (sic) murdering asshole.” And it sure sounds a lot different to what he said recently

It’s [the White Helmets] just an episode of a propaganda war that tries to demonize Putin, Assad, Iran and so on.

– They [the White Helmets] tried to somehow attract me in London a few years ago. But I said no. Because it is clear that there are people who sit on oil, and they would like to throw away Assad, so that you can divide and appropriate everything yourself.

But note who he compares Assad to – France’s Emmanuel Macron, Britain’s Theresa May, and the now deceased John McCain. The comparison is offensive to any reasonable person – none of these people have been responsible for the outright murder of hundreds of thousands of people like Assad has.

Plus note who he doesn’t mention – Vladimir Putin. His shilling for the Russians is as obvious as his hatred for the Jewish people. I just wonder what they will think of his characterization of Assad; perhaps they approved of his wording including Macron, May and McCain?

Either way, Roger Waters continues to be “dispicable” (sic) …and sick.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media