Haters & Palestinian Media Redefine Words “Youth” and “Teenager”

Can someone be in his 40s and still be referred to as “Palestinian youth” and a “teenager”? Well, as usual, words seem to get “new definitions” when palestinian Arabs use them.

The dictionary definition of a “teenager” is “a person aged between 13 and 19 years,” and “youth” is defined as “the period between childhood and adult age.”

What’s the “logic” behind calling someone in his 40s a “teenager”? Do they mean that someone is like 14-15 for the 3rd time?

ISM Palestine is calling the terrorist shot dead in Hebron a few days ago a “teenager”

Quds News Network in Arabic (you can use the automatic translation) is calling him “Palestinian youth” (and various “Palestinian activists” seem to be repeating that in English also if you search on Twitter for “Hebron” or “#الخليل“)

But according to those who are mentioning his age, he was either 42 or 47 (for some reason, Palestinian activists and their media can never get the ages right – like in the case of Shirley Temper)

The Palestinian Palestine Post (which is plagiarizing the old name of Israel’s Jerusalem Post) is saying 47 (use automatic translation… but you can also see the number 47 even without it)

While others are saying 42 (notice, one of them is an article from Quds News Network which called him “Palestinian youth”)

By the way, notice what the above article states:

Israeli media reported claims that the Palestinian man was killed after trying to stab an Israeli soldier with a scissor.

Palestinian eyewitnesses denied the Israeli claims, stressing that a scissor is not a tool which is used to stab for the purpose of killing.

Now Google “killed by scissors.”

Is there anything they won’t lie about?


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