The “Animal Farm” View of Antisemitism of George Takei & Other “Liberals”


Old and busted: Curious George

New hotness: Oblivious George

No, George, you have not learned. Only a few days ago, this is what you posted:

The man in the “powerful and captivating image” wants to kill Jews, just like Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers did. The difference is, since he is palestinian, you see him as some sort of hero. Besides, you can’t somehow connect him to Donald Trump (except, perhaps, to blame his rage on his moving the US embassy to Jerusalem).

But your hypocrisy does not end there. Where is your tweet denouncing the antisemitism of Louis Farrakhan, including calling Jews “termites”? It seems it is only antisemitism of the Right, and hence somehow connected to Donald Trump, which is worthy of your condemnation.

But Takei is not alone. There are plenty of “liberals” – including those of the Hollywood kind – who have not uttered a word about the antisemitism of Farrakhan or of the left. But we already knew that.

So why the title of this post? Because to Takei and other so-called “liberals”, all antisemitism is equal, but some antisemitism is more equal than others.

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