“Iconic” Shirtless Palestinian Rioter Reportedly Injured. The Photos Tell a Different Story


According to some reports, “Triple A” A’ed Abu Amro – otherwise known as shirtless terrorist who George Takei crushed on – has been shot.

Multiple reports from Gaza say that the 20-year-old protester photographed last month with a slingshot and a Palestinian flag was among those injured by Israeli troops in the most recent protests.

A’ed Abu Amro was among those injured by Israeli sniper fire on Monday, according to multiple activists and journalists reporting from the area. Photos show him being carried away on a stretcher.

Abu Amro appears to have been shot in the leg and is recovering at a Gaza hospital.

Except the photos of him on the stretcher seem to tell a different story – perhaps phasers were set to stun (click to enlarge)

In other words, just like everything else about this “protester” and the cause he represents, it seems to be a lie.

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