Revealing Words by Father of Palestinian Fisherman Allegedly Shot by Egyptians


Last week, palestinian fisherman Mustafa Abu Ouda was reportedly shot dead while fishing.

Surprising: his relatives are blaming Egypt, not Israel, for his death.

Really surprising: what his father says

If you aren’t following why I think his father’s remarks are surprising, consider them again:

“He was on the fishing boat, they [Egyptian forces] could see him. He was not climbing over a fence to get to them, he was just sailing on the water. He was not trespassing the border or anything. So why do this to him?”

Sounds to me like father understands that the Gazan rioters who have been shot have been shot for a valid reason – trying to trespass in to Israel to get to Israelis.

I am not sure how Middle East Eye, a site that regular publishes anti-Israel propaganda, let this slip through the net.

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