US Series S.W.A.T. Demonizes Jews and Israelis


S.W.A.T. is an American crime drama television series that has gone into its second season. I have never seen it, and probably won’t after what reader Jackie pointed me towards.

You see, Episode 6 of Season 2 – entitled Never Again – demonizes Jews and Israelis in a way I have not seen in a long time for a popular TV series. Probably since Spooks.

Portrayal of a ruthless, slimy and dangerous Israel mafia? Check

Corrupt, greedy Jewish diamond traders? Check

Jews smuggling blood diamonds into Israel for the “settlement enterprise”? Check

Demonizing IDF soldiers? Check

Accusing Israelis of using Holocaust-related imagery (Never Again) to further their cause? Check

Believe it or not, this aired just 5 days after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. No kidding.

Shame on CBS for airing this. Please join me in complaining to them.

Enough is enough.

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