My Nation of Islam Security Detail Said That I’m Not a Bigot, by Linda Sarsour

Wuddup Allies! Once again, Linda is here breaking it all down for you! So today we’re standing up to the Haters! Hey, did you see yesterday’s article in the Tablet? The article that said that me and Tamika Mallory hijacked the Women’s March? And that at the very first Women’s March planning meeting we shared what we learned from the Farrakhan Book-of-the-Month Club: you know, that Jews ran the slave trade? Not a bad ice breaker, right? Or that at one meeting we yelled at a Jewish woman about “your people”? Or that we sort of kicked out the founders and took over the Organization for ourselves? Or that the shadiness of our Finances make Abu Mazen look like Mother Theresa? Or that my girl Tamika doesn’t trust white women, “especially white women from the South?” So yeah, Tablet? Haters, Haters, Haters.

But you know what? I am not a bigot! And you know who has my back on this? The Nation of Islam Security Team that we hired for the Women’s March! Yes, Minister Farrakhan’s personal Protective Detail! So yeah, the Fruit of Islam still have my back, and just told me that I am not a bigot. Also they said that Minister Farrakhan is not an Anti-Semite, he’s anti-Termite. And something about a UFO.

So once again, the Haters played themselves, but got played. Know What I’m Saying?

Stay Woke,



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