Doctors Without Borders Without Scruples


A few days ago, I posted about the ridiculously anti-Israel AP story about Israel aiming for the legs (think The Karate Kid, except where Daniel LaRusso is the villain – kind of like Cobra Kai).

While AP were the instrument, it seems that of Doctors Without Borders were the wielder.

The wounded can often be seen gathering at a treatment clinic run by the Paris-based medical charity Doctors Without Borders in Gaza City, where Associated Press photographer Felipe Dana took portraits of some of them.

And anti-Israel sites like The Palestinian Information Center are having a field day with this.

But these are the Doctors Without Borders related photos that the MSM should be publishing.

Hani Majdalawi, Doctors Without Borders nurse, who threw a grenade at Israeli soldiers
Ramzi Abu Yabes, Doctors Without Borders nurse, who perpetrated a car ramming attack

But they are not, and won’t. But I will – hence this post.

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