Roger Waters Lashes Out At UK Pink Floyd Experience Over Decision to Play Israel After All


Rock-n-roll BDS-hole and Jew-hater Roger Waters is pissed.

Well, more pissed than usual. You see, he found out the UK Pink Floyd Experience had defied him after all, deciding to perform in Israel after initially backing out of their tour, thanks to harassment by Waters and his minions.

I sincerely doubt that David Powers told Waters the band had been threatened with financial ruin if they backed out of the tour. We know Waters has already lied about David Powers before. And I doubt the band would be saying such nice things about playing in Israel if this was the case.

Note how Waters also talks about the “Israeli lobby.” We all know what he really means.

No-one needs to paint Waters as a wicked bully. He has done a great job showing himself to be just that.

Update: Ziv Rubinstein, the tour promoter, has posted this succinct response to Water’s post.


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