Linda Sarsour’s Monumental Christmas Screw-up


In a Merry Christmas message on Facebook to her followers, Israel-hater Linda Sarsour seems to have messed up. Big time (hat tip: Kweansmom).

You read that correctly. In that short message, Sarsour admits a whole bunch of things:

  • Jesus was Jewish (not a palestinian Arab as so many antisemites and Israel haters claim)
  • Jesus was a person of color. So much for the Jews are White. But in Sarsour’s defense, she has shown she has a hard time keeping track of her colors.
  • The word “Palestinian” used to apply to the Jews
  • There were Jews in the Holy Land at least in the time of Jesus – well before the Muslim conquest of the area.

She does realize Jesus was a “Zionist”, right? And that if he was alive today, he could be lynched if he wandered into the palestinian-controlled areas?

Thank you, Linda, for this gift. It’s like all our Christmases came at once!

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