What Simon Wiesenthal Center’s List of 2018’s Top Anti-Jewish Incidents Should Tell You


The Simon Wiesenthal Center has released its list of 2018’s top 10 anti-Jewish incidents, and it is very instructive. Needless to say, it is not in accordance with what the left and mainstream media wants you to believe.

To make it easier, I have summarized it for you as best I could, using the following categories:

  • Far Right
  • Left-Wing
  • Islamic
  • Anti-Israel

In some cases, I couldn’t categorize it, because it was not clear to me which category the source of the antisemitism fell under.

As you can see, only one of the top 10 came from the far Right, the big bogeyman according to the media and Left. Granted, it was at number 1 – because Robert Bowers actually murdered people. But most of the top 10 antisemitic incidents came from the Left or otherwise anti-Israel people or institutions.

This is in accordance with what I wrote in August of last year.

Note how in some cases, there is a convergence of different types of antisemitism. For instance, on college campuses we see the Left + Muslim students + otherwise anti-Israel elements joining forces.

I should also point out that I am sure the ADL’s list would look different, and focus more on Far-Right elements, and more Trump bashing. Because that’s how they roll. But I trust the Simon Wiesenthal Center over the ADL every day of the week.

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