Antisemitic Doctor Lara Kollab Learns Hard Way That Jew Hatred Comes At a Price


Meet Lara Kollab.

An Internal Medicine Resident based in Cleveland, Ohio, Lara herself suffers from a serious case of antisemitism (hat tip: Jackie).

See update at end of this post – she was fired!

Pretty scary sentiments, especially coming from a doctor who may have yahood Jewish patients.

But not to worry; word is getting around.

Kollab also seems to have removed all of her social media accounts. But I suspect it is too late and her career is on life support.

Update: It seems she no longer works at the Cleveland Clinic.

She was apparently fired after her tweets were exposed.

Update: She has a website where you can let her know how you feel about her vile tweets.

Update: Check out my follow-up post here.

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