Tel Aviv Trolled Jerusalem on Facebook. And The Reactions Are Glorious

In honor of New Years Eve, the Tel Aviv Municipality posted the following on Facebook:

Tel Aviv municipality: Jerusalem municipality, are you awake?

Hilarity ensued. I’ll translate so you can enjoy this as much as those of us who understand Hebrew.

Jerusalem municipality: What happened? It’s a bit cold and then you remember me?

Israeli Ministry of Education: Yalla, get up, there’s school!

The Underwater Observatory, Eilat: Sylvester (New Years) came to Eilat only now because of the distance

Magen David Adom: #Hatzalah_International Wait a minute, another patient is evacuated to the hospital and joining. Do not start without us!
#In case of emergency_ dial_101

Bezek (phone company): Good morning, good morning

Clalit (health provider): Somebody got up with a hangover? Here are 10 tips for prevention and treatment

Ezer Mizion (World’s Largest Jewish Bone Marrow Donor Registry): Let’s just conclude that in the next 24 hours no one here will donate bone marrow

Kfar Saba Municipality: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, are like all the grandmothers, we fell asleep in front of the news. You are invited to visit our orchard to drink some really fresh orange juice, best for a hangover!

Benedict (restaurant): Leave the afterparty! There’s breakfast! #justsaying

Meitav (military unit): We already slept…there are those who have their drafting notice of the morning

Nes Ziona Municipality: Pffft! I was awake until five in the morning, waiting for the children to come back from the party

Sderot Municipality: What, it’s already 2019? We only just got out of the bomb shelter

Holon Municipality: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality, we love you! We have a hangover and we have not even drunk! Talk to us in a few years when you have children

Nature Protection Society: You surely know what we did all night

Burger King Israel: We are just leaving this here…

Arnott’s Tim Tam (chocolate biscuit brand): I got up dazed and sweet, after a night of experiences taking shots of vodka and Redbull via Tim Tams. Tim Tams go with everything ladies and gentlemen. Onwards with 2019

Maccabee Jerusalem (health provider): Tel Aviv municipality, I have been up already since 6:30, you are invited for a coffee and an infusion with Jerusalem municipality

Dimona Municipality: The conversation here is between Gadera and Hadera or is it possible to intervene?

Kibbutz Movement: Returning from milking (the cows). What did I miss?

Pelephone (cellular provider): Going through photos from yesterday, let’s say we a re a little sorry we did not run out of battery

Israeli Aerospace Industry: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, our satellites detected signs of waking in Jerusalem around midnight. Just saying.

Israel Electric Corporation: You caught me dancing on a pole, just going to finish connecting someone and I’m coming

Durex: Dear Tel Aviv and Jerusalem municipalities, whatever you did last night, we hope you took precautions not to conceive a Petah Tikvah

Further updates to follow throughout the day as (no doubt) more hilarious reactions follow!


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media