Roger Waters Accuses Jews..Ehh, “Oligarchs”..Of Planning Invasion of Russia

Anti-semite and rock’n’roll BDS-hole has decided to get some things to get off his (mooby) chest this New Year’s.

A note from Roger: New Year 2019

I’m sitting here surrounded by my beautiful family, well fed, and watered, and not at ease. I am consumed with feelings of loss and pain. My brothers and sisters all over the world are being slaughtered and sacrificed on the altar of the greed of all the Oligarchs in all the developed and under-developed countries all over the world. The Oligarchs are the enemy. They are the ones who order perpetual war, not for ideological reasons but for profit. None of them, during these days of celebration and reflection, will have any idea what I’m talking about. They are not like us, the Oligarchs who are destroying our world. The cancer of greed that seeks after wealth and power has reduced their capacity for empathy to zero. They have become sociopaths. When they see children dying, whether it’s on the US/Mexican border or in Iraq or Syria or Palestine or Rohingya, or Ferguson, or Chicago or Chile or Mexico or Brazil or China or…or….or……they don’t give a fuck, because they cannot empathize, they don’t feel anything. “It’s a dead kid, whatever, who cares?”

These are the people who would happily turn Gaza into a golf course for Trump Inc, to them our brothers and sisters in Palestine are just an inconvenience, they are not human beings, with an ancient culture who have tilled their land for millennia, who have olive groves and wheat fields and orchards and houses and villages and cities and property and music and families, and husbands and wives and uncles and aunts and grandparents and children and feelings and love and deserve human rights like everyone else in world!

The Oligarchs don’t believe in human rights except their own right to plunder and profit. Ergo, they don’t believe in the rights ordinary people to self-determination. Colonized people all over the world have already been invaded and occupied, Palestine is in the throes of it so, who’s next? Who else can be invaded, plundered, and destroyed? Somewhere brown, Moslem, almost Arab, not a controllable dictatorship, hmmm? IRAN! Iran that used to be called Persia, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. And when I say THEY want to invade Iran, of course THEY don’t want to invade Iran personally, and they don’t want their children to invade Iran, they want to send other peoples’ children to invade Iran, to actually do the fighting and dying, while they rake in the profits.

And while I’m on the subject, I believe Iran’s only the start of the plan, next they want to invade Russia, RUSSIA!! Imagine even thinking such a thing! Sending our young people to die in such an insane endeavor. Risking Nuclear War, the end of the planet earth as a sustainer of human life? Go to war with Russia? 20,000,000 Russians died fighting and defeating the Nazis in the second world war. War with Russia? Are the Russians threatening us? No. So why a war with Russia? Ahhhh! Dumb question. Huge profits for Oligarchs. The anti-Russian/fear mongering propaganda campaign in the Mainstream Media in the West is working. I did some shows in Russia last summer with my band, and even some of my touring party were apprehensive about going to Russia. How were they received? They were welcomed with great warmth and hospitality by the ordinary people of Russia, who have their own sociopathic Oligarchs to deal with.

Which brings me back to the ordinary people of GAZA and the question, why are we are abetting the everyday killing of their children with our acquiescence to the murderous policies the government of Israel? We may feel we are not acquiescing to those murderous policies, but if we live in the USA or the UK or Germany or France or Canada or Australia or since yesterday Brazil….or…or……we can’t avoid the fact that our governments are acquiescing on our behalf. It sounds sick doesn’t it? Well, it is sick, heart-wrenchingly sick and heart-wrenchingly painful. I am not at ease on this New Year’s Eve, and nor should any of us be. Please watch the film on GAZA that is attached to this message, and then decide if you want to feed the sickness or resist it.

My last word for 2018 is…………………RESIST!!!!

Let me be clear: When Waters speaks of “Oligarchs”, we know who he means.

Because saying “Zionists” is already so 2018.

Roger, it is clearly too hard to keep all that Jew hatred bottled up inside when you have too much to drink on New Year’s.

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