JTA’s Sh*t List of Jews To Follow on Twitter


It is no secret: We (the Jews) have long been our own worst enemies. For a supposedly smart people, we have, throughout the ages, been shooting ourselves in the foot. And we see it more and more today as those Jews who not only turn their backs on Israel but actively work against her are promoted as role models by many in the Jewish media (no, I am not suggesting Jews own the media – I am referring to Jewish media outlets!)

The latest example of this is the JTA’s new list: The 50 Jews everyone should follow on Twitter. Here’s some of those JTA saw fit to implore people to follow on Twitter:

  • Peter Beinart, the Israel-hater who has shown contempt for Jewish belief
  • Sophie Ellman-Golan, the Women’s March Deputy Head of Communications who defends antisemite Linda Sarsour at every available opportunity
  • Lisa Goldman, the founding editor of +972 and rabid Israel-hater who trashes Israel non-stop
  • Jill Jacobs, the executive director of T’ruah (formerly Rabbis for Human Rights), who has accused Jews living in Jerusalem of being “settlers” and signed on to the “Rabbis for Iran” and “Rabbis for Hamas” letters
  • Josh Nathan-Kazis, the Forward writer who constantly attacks Jewish organizations, but is remarkably silent about antisemites
  • Elad Nehorai, an unhinged Trump hater who thinks we should compare him to Hitler and claims White Nationalism has spread in the Orthodox Jewish community
  • Eve Peyser, Vice writer and Israel hater
  • Rebecca Pierce, member of the detestable anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace who also loves talking about the evils of “White” Jews
  • Sigal Samuel, religion editor at The Atlantic, who has a penchant for bashing Israel

Dishonorable mention also to Amy Spiro of the Jerusalem Post, who although not anti-Israel, seems to hold contempt for my work.

You also how to love how they included their own Ron Kampeas (yeah, I have issues with him too)

There are some worthwhile inclusions, such as Adam Milstein, William Daroff and Lahav Harkov (among others). But they are too few and far between.

If you ask me, the Jews who are worth following on Twitter are those who proudly work for their own people, and not those who work to undermine us.

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