Irish Doctor Eóin Ó Murchú: Pro Terrorism, Pro Israel’s Destruction


Young Irish doctor Eóin Ó Murchú speaks in favor of a nurses’ strike.

A respectable young lad, right?


He seems to be all for murdering Israelis.

Screenshot for when he deletes tweet

(The book he is holding might be described as a handbook for guerrilla warfare i.e. a “how to” for palestinian terrorists).

And even palestinian collaborators one might assume

Screenshot since tweet deleted

He also sees Israel in its entirety as a “cancer.”


Naturally he’s pro BDS.

And in case you were wondering, yes it is the same guy.



Yet another doctor to be wary of if you are Jewish or pro Israel.

And yes, I am still trying to find out where he works. I will update the post if more information comes to hand.

Hat tip: Tess

Update: It seems he may work at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin.

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