Palestinian Libel Debunked: Zionist Tear Gas of Doomᵀᴹ


Since the March of Return, the palestinians have released a number of videos supposedly showing “victims” of IDF tear gas convulsing and carrying on like pork chops.

(Note the music for dramatic effect)

I have always smelled a rat – pardon the pun. This is not the normal reaction to tear gas, and the “victims” cannot even work out which part of their body to shake (Full body shake? Head shake? Leg shake?) Plus the caption to that last video is:

Mohammed Emad has been in a coma for 45 days now, and everyday he suffers from serious cramps.

If he is in a coma, how does he complain of cramps?!

But now the latest “tear gas victim” video shows it was all an act.

No uncontrollable shaking, just a lot of crying like a big baby.

I guess that last video had a completely different director and script.

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