Sickening! Turkish Move Gala: Partying In Makeshift Concentration Camp


We already know that Turkish President Recep Erdogan is a vile Jew-hater who totally deserved to be kicked in the nuts by a horse. But it seems the problematic attitude towards Jews extends further than that.

I am guessing they were thinking “It’s our party and we’ll be vile if we want to.”

Incidentally, the movie is about this Cicero:

Cicero, pseudonym of Elyesa Bazna, (born 1904, Pristina, Ottoman Empire [now in Kosovo]—died December 21, 1970, Munich, West Germany), one of the most famous spies of World War II, who worked for Nazi Germany in 1943–44 while he was employed as valet to Sir Hughe Montgomery Knatchbull-Hugessen, British ambassador to neutral Turkey from 1939. He photographed secret documents from the embassy safe and turned the films over to the former German chancellor Franz von Papen, at that time German ambassador in Ankara. For this service the Hitler government paid Cicero large sums in British money, most of it counterfeited in Germany.

Which somehow seems appropriate.

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